We are one of Germany's leading insolvency administrators. After more than 25 years, we continue to adhere consistently to the same fundamental principle: securing and continuing businesses that are still operational is a top priority in the insolvency administration of companies.

This means that consolidation remains an option, and companies can return to market as quickly as possible as free actors thanks to rescue transfers or an insolvency plan. There are three key requirements for the successful continuation of business operations.

First:Clearly discernible consolidation potentials analysed comprehensively by our experienced and highly qualified team of experts.
An optimal relationship of confidence between ourselves and all groups of creditors, such as banks, trade credit insurers, employees and customers – as well as a perfectly trustworthy relationship between suppliers and ourselves as insolvency administrators: a trust that we have earned in 25 years of successful work across all areas.
And third:Offering all stakeholders transparent and predictable insolvency proceedings.