Core competencies.

Regardless of how ambitious the challenge – we excel at mastering complex assignments.

We put our multifaceted know-how into action to offer our clients holistic solutions that ensure fast, uncomplicated success. The consulting practices of our law firm range from insolvency law, labour law and corporate law, to tax consulting and litigation, and mergers and acquisitions.

Our interdisciplinary collaboration produces meaningful synergies. Our clients thus benefit from an even better service and the comprehensive advantages of a single provider. In addition, we have at our disposal an extensive network of proven external experts.

Insolvency law


Our interdisciplinary team of experts consisting of experienced insolvency administrators, lawyers and tax consultants will always provide the right solutions for all insolvency-related issues – efficiently, competently and reliably. Our clients can optimally benefit from the synergies derived from our in-depth knowledge of business administration and tax law, and our comprehensive expert legal knowledge for their challenging insolvency-related affairs. This applies to restructuring and consolidation management, as well as to consultation and representation in insolvency plan and judicial insolvency proceedings. Another focal point of our work is the assertion and defence of revocatory actions and liability claims against the corporate bodies involved. In these cases, we represent insolvency administrators and affected creditors. In addition, our partnership has offices in France with a personal contact on site. This allows our clients to pursue their claims in France, among other advantages.

Our key consulting areas:

  • German and international insolvency law
  • Creditor's right of revocation
  • Restructuring and consolidation management
  • Protective Shield Proceedings
  • Pre-insolvency consolidation
  • Capital substitution/Capital protection
  • Rescue transfer, Distressed M&A
  • Consolidation trust and/or disposal trust
  • Complex litigation at pre-insolvency stage
  • Collection of claims abroad (office in France)

Labour Law

Precision work.

Perfect preparation is our motto. This applies to successful client support in general – and in particular to thorough legal consultancy services in regard to individual employment law and collective labour law. On the one hand, labour law and case law are continuously changing. On the other hand, corporate changes require not only extensive knowledge of labour law, but also comprehensive know-how in business administration and in corporate law. We have been successfully relying from the outset on experienced and highly specialised teams of experts who are at all times well versed in the current legal framework and are able to precisely and strategically plan all judicial matters in advance – from individual labour law measures to complex restructuring and consolidation measures. In the field of labour law, our core competencies include preparing for company decisions from the perspective of labour law and the implementation of those decisions in negotiations with the works councils (e.g. regarding the reconciliation of interests or social plans). At the same time, we handle labour law litigation and extrajudicial settlement negotiations.

Our key consulting areas:

  • Drawing up and terminating employment contracts
  • Litigation
    Corporate restructuring
  • Insolvency labour law
  • Transfer of a business including outsourcing
  • Labour law in the context of a sale/acquisition of a business
  • Co-determination and works constitution law / Negotiation of employer/works council agreements, reconciliation of interests and social plans, including proceedings before dispute resolution boards
  • Collective bargaining, negotiation of collective bargaining agreement

Corporate Law


Our team of experts has been actively engaged in providing corporate law advice to medium and large businesses for many years. We advise our clients during the establishment, change of legal form and winding up of a company, as well as during withdrawal from corporate structures. This includes in particular the valuation of shareholdings and the determination and calculation of severance credits. In addition, we assist our clients in processes relating to the acquisition and divestment of shareholdings.

Tax Consulting

Creative possibilities.

Tax law is not only very complex, it also changes all the time. Our tax consultancy work always focuses on providing optimal, up-to-date tax advice, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. This starts with a thorough analysis of the figures and records. Afterwards, we develop targets in collaboration with our clients. Based on those targets, we issue specific recommendations to optimise tax management and also show all relevant tax structuring options. This relates to both tax planning and advice for implementation that we realise for the benefit of our client – e.g. during tax audits, declarations, negotiations with the tax office, legal remedies or proceedings before the fiscal courts.

In addition, we cover all traditional areas of tax consulting. In addition to compiling annual financial statements, this also includes financial accounting, tax returns, and the analysis of short-term income statements and conducting inter-company comparisons. As with our approach to consolidation consulting, we analyse the tax-related impacts. In the field of self-administration and insolvency administration, over the years we have gained substantial know-how about the ever-changing insolvency law. When capturing, processing and analysing the data of our clients, our team of tax law experts always ensures compliance with the highest quality standards. In this regard, attention to detail, precision and experience are just as fundamental qualities as the performance and security of our IT.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Providing consulting, management and implementation services for mergers - either through the acquisition or sale of a company as part of an asset or share deal, a takeover, capital increase, conversion or in any other way - is an important part of our comprehensive portfolio of services. Our highly specialised team of experts provides support for the entire transaction process - all under one roof.


Maximum know-how.

Our very competent team has long-standing experience and know-how in advising and providing support to clients in matters relating to litigation. Representing our clients both in court and out of court is a key activity of our partnership. Thanks to our interdisciplinary cooperation with highly specialised experts, we are able to handle even complex litigation quickly and effectively.

Notary's Office


Our goal is to design and document our clients wishes after extensive consultation.
At our Office in Hannover Lawyer and Notary Dr. Stefanie Zulauf provides you with all notarial services.



Unser Expert:innenteam berät nicht nur nachhaltig im Bereich des Immobilienrechts, sondern verfügt dabei über das Sonder-Know-how an der Schnittstelle zur Restrukturierung und Sanierung. Hiermit lassen sich effektiv umfassende Synergien für unsere Mandantschaft nutzen.

Unsere Beratungsschwerpunkte:

- Asset Deal/Share Deal

- Gewerbliches Mietrecht

- Notariat

- Notleidende Immobilien (NPL´s)

- Begleitung von Zwangsversteigerungsverfahren

- Sale-and-Lease-Back-Transaktionen

- Spezialimmobilien (Hotel, Senior Living, Krankenhäuser)


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